The Note: Trump's impact on the world order

The TAKE with Rick Klein

The bluster and the insults represent President Donald Trump's way of doing business – aimed, primarily, at America's friends.

But provocative comments and demands about defense spending mark only the start of the potential impact Trump is having on the world order. Trump, and the forces he represents, are washing over Europe and beyond, creating uncomfortable truths for U.S. allies.

The rest of the world is watching. Other nations don't necessarily have the luxury of deciding whether to take Trump seriously or literally, try as they might to discern the president's intentions.

As Trump finishes his NATO trip Thursday and moves on to the United Kingdom, where the government is near the precipice of crisis, a week of uncommon disruptions puts the president's style on full display. It has drawn rebukes from Republican lawmakers back in Washington, and threats of tying his hands further in international affairs.

Monday's meeting with Vladimir Putin may not be...

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