Media Team

Delivering the latest news and headlines takes more than just one journalist. Latest Headlines employs multiple journalists to provide access to anything that happens in the world. Below is a list of our editors responsible to deliver the latest headlines.


World News

  • Arno Müller
  • Gregg Meyers
  • Jörg Frank


Automotive & Tuning

  • Ian O Lary
  • Oliver Schulz
  • Brian De Gons
  • Stephan Schröder
  • Tanil Fegorez



  • Bianca Groß
  • Natish Patel
  • Werner Babel
  • Lissa Marie Müller



  • Gennaro Di Napoli
  • Tom Kims
  • Ron Mul
  • Christine Aichner


Other News

  • Gregg Hobbs
  • Tina Grost
  • Richard Hass


All our journalists are accredited IFJ , IFPA, Reuters, NJT journalists and provide their work to Latest Headlines on a part-time basis.


Last Update: March 15th 2015

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